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2023 RAPA Battle of the Bands/Artists - May 12, 2023

Watch your friends and/or fellow high school musicians in our first ever Battle of the Bands/Artists Contest on Friday, May 12, 2023, 7PM at Family Music Center Summerlin. Please spread the word!

You can purchase tickets at starting on April 10, 2023. Tickets are $15.




Call for Emerging Las Vegas High School Bands and Solo Artists

Deadline: April 15, 2023

Rock Academy of the Performing Arts is pleased to announce the very first RAPA Battle of the Bands/Artists coming this Spring! The call is now open for all emerging Las Vegas high school bands and solo artists to apply.
RAPA Battle of the Bands aims to support emerging and developing high school musicians in Las Vegas and encourage appreciation for the art of music in our community.


The 1st place winner will take home $300 and bragging rights. Second place wins $100. Winner will be decided by the judges. Plus, crowd enthusiasm and excitement is a factor in jury decisions.

Apply by April 15, 2023. Bands and artists from all genres can apply (if you are signed or unsigned). You must play an original song, and be able to play this live.

Some main guidelines include:

  • Bands/artists must be working/living in Las Vegas, Nevada.

  • Bands must have at least one (1) high school student as a member of the band. The solo artist must be a high school student in Las Vegas (CCSD, Charter, Private, or Home-Schooled).

  • There is a $10 entry fee. Instructions for payment will be sent out on preceding emails to the band/artist. All entries are final and may not be withdrawn from the event once submitted.

  • By submitting an entry to the RAPA Battle of the Bands, you attest that all information provided is accurate and complete, that you have the authority to submit said entry for consideration, and that you have read, understand, and agree to all terms of entry.

  • Send your entry request to:

  • Include the following information: 

    • Band name or Solo Artist name​

    • First and Last Names of members. Include the name of the high school of each member.

    • Musical genre, i.e. rock, pop, hip hop, country, punk, EDM, etc.

    • Provide a brief description of your band's/artist musical experience i.e. how long you've been together, where you have played, social media following, etc.

Notifications will be sent out by April 22, 2023. Event date will be Friday, May 12, 2023, 7-10 pm at Family Music Center - 8125 W. Sahara Ave. #210, Las Vegas, NV 89117. Tickets for the event will be available online April 10, 2023. 

RAPA Battle of the Bands/Artists Official Rules and Information
Below is everything you need to know about being a participating band/artist :
Event Date and Time
Friday, May 12, 2023. 7-10 pm. Band/artist load in at 6pm

Event Location
Family Music Center - 8125 W Sahara #210, Las Vegas, NV 89117. We are using the
theater in the back of the store. You may load in using the back alley.

Entry Fee
The entry fee is $10. Please visit the link to our Venmo site to pay:  Payment is due no later than May 1, 2023. The entry is non-refundable.

Band Participants
For a band, at least one (1) member should be a high school student in a Las Vegas
public, charter, private, or homeschool. The other members cannot be older than 25
years old.
The solo artist should be a high school student in a Las Vegas public, charter, private, or

We will have backline gear including:
1) 4-piece Knight drum kit with cymbals (bands/artists can’t bring their own kit; however,
you may bring your own snare drum if you like).
2) Fender Rumble Stage 800 2X10 Bass Combo Amp with Fender Rumble 700 2X10
Bass Speaker Cabinet
3) Two Fender Mustang GTX 100 guitar amps
4) Four Shure SM58 microphones with cables and stands
5) PA Mains, Subs, and Monitors
6) Floor guitar/bass stands

What to Bring
Personal gear/instruments, i.e. guitars and bass, instrument cables, pedal boards (if
needed), keyboard and stand (if needed), mp3 file (ONLY) of your backing track (the
mp3 must be provided to us by May 1. Email the mp3 file to
If you want to bring your own guitar and/or bass amp, that's fine...but all gear must be
able to fit on the stage with no moving of gear during transitions...PLUG N PLAY ONLY.

Dress Code
Wear appropriate clothing for a rock/pop/hip hop concert that is ALL AGES. Do not put
yourself in a predicament where the promoter will question a provocative outfit and
would need to dismiss you because of that, i.e. profane graphic T-shirts, clothing that
shows too much skin (at the discretion of promoter).

Set List and Time Allotment
Songs on the set list may be original and/or covers. Lyrics that are profane, derogatory
to racial groups or gender orientation, or sexually-explicit lyrics will not be accepted.
Violation of this rule will result in disqualification. Each group will have a time limit of 15
minutes +/- 1 minute starting on their first down beat. Please adjust your set list to abide
by this expectation. If your set goes beyond the time allotment, the judges may deduct
points from your final score. Please email your set list to no later than
May 1, 2023.

Rounds (Subject to Change)
There will be two rounds. First Round: Each band/artist will perform within the 15 minute
time allotment. The order will be picked from a hat by the judges prior to the start of the
battle. Second Round: The top two bands/artists will compete for the top spot. Each
band/artist in the second round will perform one (1) song not already performed.

There will be up to three judges. Judges are pre-selected members of the local music
community – in some cases from the music industry.The judges will use a combination
of audience response and their assessment. Judges will use a rubric that addresses
musicality, cohesiveness, stage presence, and overall performance.

Marketing and Promotion
Tickets for the event will be $15 on the EventBrite platform/website. We ask that each
band/artist sell at least 20 tickets to get a good size crowd out there and to help RAPA's
fundraiser efforts for its conservatory. ***The more fans you have, the better chance of
making an impression to the judges*** The EventBrite link is public, please share it with
your fans! Here it is:
Bands are encouraged to promote the event via all platforms, i.e. social media, word of
mouth, text messages, emails, phone calls, posters, etc. We will create a Facebook and
Instagram event on our pages. Please share or copy the details or images from these
event posts.
Digital flyers promoting the entire event will be made available to all bands/artists via
this email as well as posted on our socials. Attached is a digital flyer that you can post
on your socials.
Use the hashtag #rapalasvegas on your posts

Grand Prize — $300 plus other prizes TBA, announcement on our social media
2nd Place – $100 plus other prizes TBA

Any questions or concerns should be addressed to any of the following people:
Battle Manager – Dr. Jay Caballero -

RAPA Battle of the Bands Official Rules Disclosure
It is expected that each band/artist agree to the terms outline in these rules. To accept
the contents of these official rules, please visit the link below by May 1, 2023:
RAPA Battle of the Bands Official Rules Disclosure Form

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